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Technogeek Turned Renovator??


And people thought I would just stay home and not do anything but drink my coffee!  *sipping coffee as she types this up with a smirk*

My house is an older house. It’s almost as old as I am, beating me only by a couple of years. And although my husband and I have poured a lot of money into it to update the flooring with hardwood and ceramic tile, repainting everything, adding french doors, etc, there is one room that we had not updated yet. The front bathroom! It wasn’t for a lack of desire to do so. Let’s call it a little husband stubbornness in getting rid of the solid, yet really ugly, wood bathroom vanity. So one day, when he was at one of his business conferences, I got this gleam in my eye. You know that gleam…where you know you’re either going to do a fine job at changing things up or punishing the furniture beyond repair to where it forces a replacement?  Below is the journey of said renovation. I apologize in advance for the quality of pictures. Not only is this a tiny bathroom and difficult to get a good angle picture, but I had to take the pictures with my cell phone. The other disclaimer is that I am NOT handy by nature. I call it a good day when I can hang a bathroom mirror by myself.

So here’s the victim. Yes, it’s filthy. I hated it so much that I hadn’t bothered with scrubbing it down in a long time.


So queue the wood putty. My first ever attempt at wood putty. It took several coats of the wood putty to fill in those 70’s grooves. The other hilarious part of this story is that the husband’s hand sander died. I couldn’t get it to work. He had a much larger belt sander. After attempts to hand sand the putty did not work, I had to bring out the big sander. I suppose I should state that my entire hallway and living room saw minuscule pieces of wood putty for days and days and days and days! (I’m sure you get that picture!) I am still wiping down my walls as it settles!


I looked like a redneck Marie Antoinette after that sanding job. I was literally covered in white dust. Thank goodness I had at least had the forethought to wear a mask!

As my most amazing sanding job ever left grooves in the wood panels, and the paint job did not fully cover all of the imperfections of the cabinets, I decided to faux distress the paint job. I was afraid that if I took real sandpaper to my paint job, that I wouldn’t like what I did and have to redo everything! So below is my faux distressing work, using a dark acrylic craft paint. It gave me the freedom to wipe off the marks if I didn’t like it. It was easy, fun and turned out uber cute! I am still debating adding additional “distressing” before I finalize it with a coat of poly.




The front was still a little plain. So a trip to the local Home Depot produced a stencil. I added that to the front cabinet.

The beauty about distressing things, is that it does not have to be perfect! I do, however, need to readjust the hinge so that the vanity door shuts all the way. 🙂  I was honestly shocked I was able to get the doors off and back on successfully!

And notice the little score I found at the local Peddler’s Mall? The cute little retro trashcan! I have not done anything to it yet, but seriously considering painting it a dark color, then light on top and distressing it for real! And then adding another stencil to the front of it that came in the same package. Not too matchy-matchy but just enough.


The original plain 70’s glass mirror was cut down and placed into this frame that I had laying in the basement. The frame was originally a bright gold. I took a bronze paint to it to tone it down. I also gathered weeds from my backyard and put them into that vase. Ha! A temporary solution until I find something that hits me.

Now…I will not claim that I am a good decorator. I would love to be, but I really struggle with this! Below is my somewhat final result. While it is TONS better than it was before, I do see room for improvement. For example, I need to raise the mirror another inch or two.


Now, my readers….your thoughts? What else should I do to make this bathroom better? Should I distress that cute little trashcan? I am trying to keep the vanity pretty clear and simple. That said, should I add anything else? What about some other wall art?  Super cheap options are the best!