Coop Plans


Today is my first day of unemployment land! All of the area schools are closed again due to that Polar Vortex we keep experiencing, so it will not be representative of my normal week days. Right now my son (10yr old) makes a mess faster than I can keep it clean. My goals are to get and keep the house clean and organized!

One of the things that I have to plan quickly is the chicken coop!  I have 20 baby chicks in my kitchen. Some are still at the fuzzy ball cute stage, and others are starting to look a lot like pullets with real chicken feathers, at 2 weeks old. This means I have 3-4 weeks to build a coop!  Scary that I have that little time, so the plan design is very simple. I’ll make it look cute once it’s up and functional.

Below is the initial plan. According to the 4sqft per chicken, it looks like I might have to make the coop itself a bit larger. This is going to be a huge building!! A lot more cost than I had originally estimated. (Imagine that!) Good thing my loving hubby seems to be pretty flexible about this.

We found a killer bargain at the local Lowes on chicken wire. 50 foot rolls, 48″ tall for $6 each. So we bought 2 – 50′ rolls, and 2 24″x50′ rolls. And 1 roll of hardware cloth for less than $40! I am kicking myself that we didn’t buy more of them though. They had other kinds that I could should have bought.


When posting the coop idea on a Chicken Facebook page, one of the ladies had an open air coop design like this. Her entire back yard was privacy fenced in though. I would love such an open air plan but I believe that my chickens would get eaten by a raccoon if I did so. I would also worry about the crazy Indiana weather!


What are your coop designs like? Any feedback on my coop for functionality that I should change while I still can?


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  1. Okay, if I am looking at the plan right the coop is under your deck correct? I would be sure and have some sort of insulation or heating device for the coop during cold months since it will not be getting any heat from the sun. I am actually planning to do something very similar in back yard so I can have chickens at home and not just the barn. I haven’t decided if I am going to go with insulation or a heat lamp though. I think I am leaning more towards insulation just in case the power goes out one day, I wouldn’t want my chickens to freeze.

  2. You also might want another smaller coop next to the big one for when you get new chickens so they can get to know each other before putting them into the same area, that way you avoid chicken fights, which can get really nasty.

  3. I’ll take a look at that website. Thanks for the resource!

    I was planning on upcycling with pallets and filling the middles of the pallets with chopped straw. I’d love to try my hand at a cob coop but on the limited time we have, that simply will not happen.

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